Area C, System D was filmed over the course of a year in Al-Ram and Kufr Aqab, and at the Qalandia, Al-Am’ari and Kaddoura refugee camps in the West Bank. The documentary depicts the informal socio-political structures of these locations, which remain ungovernable both by Palestinian and Israeli authorities. Area C, System D portrays the thriving grey economy and self-governance along the main Jerusalem-Ramallah road, where shops and buildings are unlicensed, the cars often stolen and where the electricity and sewer lines are built on one’s own initiative. Told from the perspectives of shopkeepers and a group of young musicians heading for their illegal concert in an unlicensed car, the film is a parallel narration of both daily struggle and resilience, desperation and the power of individuals, amid a constant bustle of vibrant enterprise and rap.
A film by Polina Medvedeva

With appearance and music by:
Sa'aleek: Tyseer Qatom, Maen Ozrail, Mohammad Silwadi; Straight Outta Palestine: Shams Aldeek, Saleh Abu Diab; Yazan Yaqob. Sound recording: Andreas Kühne, Soundtrack composer: Bram Stadhouders, Sound engineer: David Hoogerheide, Motion graphics: Benedikt Wöppel, Produced by: Polina Medvedeva

© 2017

Supported by
Creative Industries Fund NL